What is Calisthenics 

Calisthenics is a uniquely Australian sport which helps to develop discipline of mind and body, team work, a competitive spirit and a sense of commitment.

A dynamic combination of gymnastics, dance, apparatus, marching, singing and acting, teamed with a strong focus on deportment and presentation, calisthenics helps participants develop confidence while enjoying the thrill of performing on stage.


Competitions are held in a theatre with teams performing routines choreographed to music on stage with costumes and lighting.


Although regarded as a team sport, participants can also compete in solo and duo sections. The Graceful Calisthenic Solo is aligned with aesthetic and balletic movement and is intended to enhance the soloist's poise and grace, flexibility, appearance and presentation and the ability to interpret music into dance. Best Type Solo and Duo sections have a greater emphasis on jazz and contemporary dance and incorporates more gymnastic and strength work. 

Calisthenics allows participants to learn new skills and techniques, improve coordination, fitness and flexibility, appreciate the value of commitment and teamwork and develop new friendships in a disciplined but fun atmosphere.



Calisthenic disciplines include:

  • Marching (all sections)
  • Free Arm Exercises (all sections)
  • Clubs (all sections except Tinies)
  • Rods (all sections except Tinies)
  • Song & Dance (all sections)
  • Folk Dance (all sections except Tinies and Seniors)
  • Aesthetic (all sections except Tinies)
  • Calisthenic Spectacular (all sections except Tinies)
  • Dance Arrangement (all sections except Tinies and Sub Juniors)
  • Rhythmic Interpretation (Intermediates and Seniors only)








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